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If you found this page while searching for addiction treatment in Alexandria, VA, today could be a day that changes your life. There are several confidential drug and alcohol treatment centers here that can help you or your loved one wake up from the nightmare of addiction.

Humans can become dependent on all kinds of things. Habits may be overcome with willpower and determination. Addiction is a very different sort of dependency. Those who are addicted to a substance simply can't stop themselves and may go to great lengths to hide their drug-related activities. They may lie to their spouse and steal from their friends. They may be fired from their job, lose their house, and wreck their most important relationships but still be unable to quit.

If you drink daily or drink alone, or if you use legal or illegal drugs, and you feel awful when you run out, you are probably addicted. If you require more drugs or liquor now just to get the same effect you used to get with much less, you're probably addicted. You might have the very best intentions but somehow manage to miss work and school more than your non-addicted friends. This doesn't mean you are weak or immoral. It means you have a real medical problem that you can learn to manage during addiction treatment in Alexandria.

A Variety of Addiction Treatment Options Are Available

In order for an addiction treatment to be considered real and viable, drug and alcohol treatment programs must provide three basic things. The treatment must help the client stop using. Any workable recovery treatment plan must also help the client remain abstinent while being a productive member of society, explains the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

The commonest form of addiction recovery care involves cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT. Behavioral therapies may be done on an inpatient or outpatient basis. Cognitive therapy helps clients to recognize and modify their response to stress and temptation while learning new ways to interact with the world without resorting to intoxicants.

Medical detox in Alexandria is right for clients who have a strong physical dependency on drugs or drink. Medical staff at licensed drug and alcohol addiction rehabs may administer special medications to help soothe the misery of withdrawal. Clients who seek medical detox may do so at their choice of private addiction treatment centers.

The trick is to find a treatment modality that works for you. The sooner you contact one of the drug and alcohol addiction rehabs in your area, the sooner they can help you fix your life.

Upgraded Addiction Treatment Options

Many drug and alcohol treatment centers provide first-class accommodations along with gourmet dining and special amenities you would expect at a five-star health spa resort. Holistic therapies that honor the client as the whole person include yoga and guided meditation classes, music, and dance therapy, nature walks, and art sessions. Some drug rehabs and alcohol rehabs even offer equestrian therapy with friendly horses.

Halfway Houses and Outpatient Addiction Therapy

Many recovering addicts who may not be quite ready to re-enter their usual day to day life opt to spend a few weeks or months in a residential recovery home. The supportive roommate lifestyle helps newly sober clients boost their resolve to abstain from drug and alcohol use.

Increase your good chances of kicking your addiction to the curb when you avail yourself of addiction treatment in Alexandria, VA that can change your life in wonderful ways. Proven recovery programs have helped plenty of good people get rid of bad habits and they can help you, too. Call Alexandria Alcohol Treatment Centers. (571) 325-3113

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