Heroin Addiction in Alexandria, VA

When you hear the term ‘heroin addict,' various images may come to mind. Maybe you envision a has-been rock star on the skids, or a furtive character looking for a dose in a dark alley. Scary misconceptions, to be sure. In fact, a heroin addict can look like anyone. A person dealing with heroin addiction in Alexandria, VA could look just like you.

Heroin Effects: Why Is Heroin so Addictive?

Heroin is derived from the sap of a flower called the opium poppy. The beautiful red flower grows throughout Asia, South America, Mexico, and the Middle East. Much of the world's opium and heroin comes from Afghanistan. Sometimes referred to as ‘horse,' junk,' ‘smack,' and ‘China white,' heroin is one of the most addictive substances known to humankind.

When heroin is taken, the user becomes relaxed and worries seem to melt away. The brain is flooded with natural feel-good chemicals, including dopamine. Some heroin users describe the feeling as being wrapped in a comfy warm blanket. The euphoria associated with heroin use can be quite compelling. Unfortunately, repeated heroin use causes serious changes in the human brain.

When a person seeks that same good feeling, again and again, the brain becomes accustomed to the presence of opiates, and the natural balance known as ‘homeostasis' is disrupted. and eventually will not function properly without them.

How Is Heroin Used?

Heroin can be consumed in a variety of ways. Some people melt powdered heroin in a spoon and draw it into a syringe through a cotton ball filter. A tourniquet is tied around the upper arm, and air bubbles are snapped out of the syringe. The addict locates a visible vein and proceeds to inject the liquefied heroin into their body.

Other people find sniffing to be their preferred method of heroin consumption. Crumbled heroin is crushed into a fine powder, then the user sniffs or ‘snorts' it into their nose by way of a rolled-up dollar bill or a snipped plastic straw. Some addicts place unprocessed balls of heroin into their rectum. No matter how heroin is ingested, the effects are practically immediate.

Heroin Addiction Signs and Symptoms of Withdrawal

Once a person is addicted, more and more heroin is required to feel the same pleasant sensations they used to get with far less of the drug. If an addict misses a dose, they begin to feel anxious and disoriented. "Scoring" more drugs become their primary focus, often to the detriment of important obligations. A person in the throes of heroin addiction may lie, cheat, and commit crimes to support their irresistible habit.

A runny nose and watering eyes are common in the preliminary stages of drug withdrawal. While withdrawing from drugs, extreme sleeplessness along with overwhelming fatigue that can last for several days. Tremors and ‘kicking' are common symptoms of heroin withdrawal and may be eased with medical intervention.

This is a precarious time when you might opt to seek relief with heroin. If this sounds like you or someone you care about, please talk to someone at a drug withdrawal treatment facility where the staff has the skills, medical help, and heroin withdrawal treatment options that make ‘kicking' addictive drugs much easier and safer than if you tried to do it alone.

Should You Enter a Rehab for Heroin Addiction in Alexandria?

Many people feel nervous about checking into a detox facility for heroin addiction treatment in Alexandria. Some think that admitting to a drug problem is shameful or a sign of personal weakness. In truth, it takes a strong person to admit they have a problem they can't solve on their own. The staff at a compassionate heroin withdrawal treatment facility wants to help, not judge you.

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